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Practical information from public offices
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Personal belongings

When you move to Norway, you must complete a declaration for the importation of household goods. You should also draw up a list of the objects you are bringing with you, stating whether they are new or used. This list makes customs clearance easier. You must contact the Norwegian Customs Service when your household goods arrive in Norway. If you arrive before your household goods, you must contact the Norwegian Customs Service on your arrival.

You may import household objects free of customs and excise duties if certain conditions are met. Among other things, you must have lived abroad continuously for at least a year, and you must have owned or possessed the objects abroad and used them during your stay abroad. It is also a condition that you will continue to use them in Norway.

Special rules apply to the importation of private boats to Norway. Please contact the Norwegian Customs Service for further details.

To bring certain goods into Norway, you must pay customs and excise duties or have a special permit. This applies to:

  • Work-related equipment
  • Motor vehicles
  • Aircraft
  • New items
  • Food products
  • Alcohol and tobacco products
  • Weapons
  • Plants
  • Animals
  • Radio and television equipment

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